A consumer protection class-action lawsuit will move forward against L’Oréal USA over complaints the company falsely advertised and mislabeled a line of keratin hair care products.


Keratin is a protein that naturally exists in human hair. Manufacturers of keratin hair products advertise that these products can rebuild, reconstruct, or repair damaged hair from inside and out, when sometimes the products may not have any restorative qualities at all.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are New York and California residents who purchased the following L’Oréal products:

  • Matrix Biolage Advanced Keratin + Silk Shampoo.
  • Pro-Keratin + Silk Conditioner.
  • Pro-Keratin + Silk Renewal Spray.

According to the plaintiffs, L’Oréal engaged in deceptive sales practices by leading consumers to believe these hair products contain keratin, when in fact they do not. The plaintiffs assert the products do not provide the promised benefits and actually damaged their hair, and they would not have bought the products had they known they did not contain keratin. The plaintiffs also maintain that, because of the keratin labeling, consumers have paid a premium price of more than $20 for each product.

L’Oréal has responded to the consumer protection complaint by insisting the labeling of the products is accurate and does not affect pricing. The company maintains that it does not control the prices that retailers ultimately charge consumers.

On August 15, 2018, a federal judge ruled the plaintiffs’ claims can proceed as a class action in New York and California under state laws.

Attorneys Jason Thompson of Sommers Schwartz’s Class Action Litigation Group have been certified as class co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the L’Oréal lawsuit. Our attorneys are currently speaking with consumers who may have been misled by the company. If you purchased Matrix Biolage products after January 26, 2013, and believe that you have been misled, please contact us today.