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Jason Thompson represented me in a gross negligence case, and I couldn't have been more impressed with his professionalism and energy throughout the entire process. ...

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Sommers Schwartz attorneys Daniel Swanson and Tad Roumayah secured a $175,000 settlement on behalf of a supply chain planner at a national cereal producer.  The employment litigation dispute alleged that the ...
  • Surgical Malpractice – Negligently Placed Feeding Causing Sepsis and Long-Term Injury: Sanclemente v. Henry Ford Hospital

Sommers Schwartz attorneys Matthew Turner and Dina Zalewski filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a woman who suffered critical illness and sepsis, had to undergo several corrective surgeries, and experienced long-term, adverse health effects because of a feeding tube negligently misplaced in her colon during surgery.

The plaintiff underwent routine surgery at the defendant hospital during which a gastronomy tube was to be inserted in her stomach. Gastronomy tubes are used during surgery to allow air and fluid to leave the stomach and to give drugs and liquids, including liquid food, to a patient. According to the complaint, the defendant surgeon and hospital surgical staff failed to use reasonable care when inserting the tube, placing it in the plaintiff’s transverse colon instead of her stomach.

As a result of the tube’s misplacement in her colon, the plaintiff became critically ill and septic when stool contents leaked into her feeding tube. She became hypoxic, her mental state was altered, and she developed bilateral pleural effusions. After her discharge from the hospital, the plaintiff resided in skilled nursing care for more than three months. She continued to suffer from a massive hernia, breathing and sleeping difficulties, psychological challenges, an array of digestive and eating problems, and requires assistance with the activities of daily living.

Because of the defendants’ surgical error, the plaintiff required additional corrective surgeries as well. Had the defendants properly placed the tube inside the plaintiff’s stomach, she likely would have been discharged within a week without the need for further surgery. The lawsuit sought damages for the ongoing and permanent injuries the plaintiff suffered due to the defendants’ negligence, and the costs of extensive and long-term medical, psychological, and therapeutic care.

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