• What are the potential damages I can recover after my car accident?

Under Michigan’s no-fault laws, when a motor vehicle accident results in bodily injury or death, you may be entitled to damages in four categories:

  • Allowable Expense Reimbursement, payable for life without a cap, includes expenses for medical treatment, barrier-free residential accommodations, vocational rehabilitation, special transportation and medical mileage, guardianship or conservatorship fees, and the services of an independent case manager.
  • Work Loss Benefits compensate an injured person who is unable to work because of a motor vehicle accident. There are various limitations and restrictions, including a monthly maximum that is adjusted every year.
  • Replacement Service Expenses include the cost of having others perform necessary housekeeping, meal preparation, and yard work. An injured person may receive reimbursement of up to $20 per day for those costs if he or she cannot perform those activities.
  • Survivor’s Loss Benefits may be paid to the dependents of a person killed in an auto accident for up to three years and are subject to the same monthly maximum of the work loss benefits.
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