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Call Center Wage Theft: Shaulis v. AxisPoint Health
Sommers Schwartz attorneys Kevin Stoops and Jason Thompson filed a lawsuit on behalf of “Telehealth Nurses” and “Advice Line Nurses” employed by AxisHealth to receive and ...
  • $2.3 Million Settlement for Surgeon’s Negligent Placement of Venous Catheter
Sommers Schwartz attorney Charles Ash secured a $2.3 million medical malpractice settlement on behalf of a 58 year-old divorced mother of two. According to the complaint, following surgery on April 7, 2011 to perform an aortobifemoral bypass on her left leg, the Defendant general surgeon improperly placed a venous catheter, dissecting the patient’s carotid artery, and causing reduced blood flow that resulted in stroke, paralysis, and permanent disabilities. The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant surgeon and hospital staff were negligent in failing to properly place the central line, which likely dislodged a piece of plaque that formed a clot that traveled to the patient’s brain. Had a simple catheter angiogram and other diagnostic tests been performed, and had the dangerously positioned catheter been removed more timely, the Plaintiff’s physical and emotional injuries could have been avoided. She is now bedridden, unable to speak, requires feed tubing and, because of her paralysis and disabilities, requires a hoist to get in and out of her wheelchair.
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