A recently filed lawsuit accuses several Michigan gas stations owned and operated by Sphinx Petroleum, Inc. and Ida Petroleum, LLC of cheating hourly cashiers out of overtime and not paying minimum wage.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff typically worked more than 40 hours per week, splitting her time between the defendants’ various locations.  To avoid overtime, she claims, the defendants made her work schedule and paychecks look like she worked for two separate employers.


Additionally, the plaintiff was required to arrive at locations 15 minutes prior to her scheduled shift but was not compensated for that time, and was paid in cash so that the defendants could avoid paying minimum wage and overtime.

The class action suit against Sphinx Petroleum, Inc., Petro Luna Pier, LLC, IDA Petroleum, LLC, and Tarek Gayar, the owner of the various companies, alleges that the defendants’ pay practices violate the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The plaintiff is seeking recovery for all unpaid wages and overtime plus liquidated damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs as provided for by law.

Current and former cashiers of these stations – and any other Sphinx Petroleum gas stations – should come forward and join the lawsuit to recover their unpaid wages and overtime.

If you encountered the same experience working for these companies at any time in the past three years, please contact the attorneys in Sommers Schwartz’s Employment Litigation Group today to learn how we can help assert your rights to unpaid wages.



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