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Detroit Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment in the workplace is against the law, yet it remains a serious problem, especially for women.

Sexual harassment makes the workplace environment uncomfortable, instilling fear and panic in an individual about going to work each day. No one should be subjected to demeaning and sexual remarks or actions while on the job. That’s why you need to contact a Sommers Schwartz attorney.

Sexual Harassment & Its Impact on the Workplace

While it may be considered just “joking around” to some, the emotional and mental effects of sexual harassment can be devastating for the person subjected to such remarks or advances.

There are primarily two forms of illegal sexual harassment claims – hostile work environment and quid pro quo. A hostile work environment claim often involves sexual innuendoes, comments, or actions by another employee or manager that make the work environment untenable to the targeted employee. Quid pro quo sexual harassment claims – meaning “you do this for me and I’ll do that for you” – involve requests to trade sexual favors for employment opportunities including promotions, advancements, or compensation.

Protecting Your Legal Rights in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

You can’t always count on your employer to do the right thing, and taking the situation into your own hands can and frequently does do more harm than good. Pursuing a sexual harassment claim can be complicated, and it’s essential that you follow the policies and procedures relating to sexual harassment complaints established by your employer. If the claim is not filed properly, the entire case may be jeopardized and get lost in the courts. By following the complaint procedures, documenting all instances of sexual harassment and ensuring that you have notified your employer, it will be easier to seek damages for the harassment and suffering you have experienced.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment while at work, we urge you to contact a Sommers Schwartz employment lawyer today

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Mr. Watkins is extremely competent and professional.

Mr. Watkins is extremely competent and professional. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Jason was an aggressive and thorough attorney.

He spent the time listening to me as a client and he would explain what steps were next as we went through the process. Jason made me feel very confident in my case and in him as an attorney.

We ALWAYS received excellent service.

We were impressed with how the case was handled for my mom. Mr. Watkins exposed details of negligence that we were not aware of. After meeting him the first time, I had no doubt he was the perfect attorney to handle the case.

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I’m speechless! I never expected to receive the settlement that you guys worked so hard for! Thank you so much!

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I would like you gentlemen to know that for those of us that have been violated and need legal assistance, we must often wait for justice in quiet desperation. As such, the words I used above “confidence and comfort” came only from you and your team.

I recommend you without reservation.

I want to extend to both you and Tad a final thank you for your diligence in defending my case over the past several months. You put a great deal of time and energy into my defense, included me in the decision-making process, communicated with me regularly, and I am pleased with the outcome.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you for getting justice for my son and restoring my hope in humanity. After his death, I labored for over one-and-a-half years to find an attorney to file the case. I am grateful to you and your firm for your unwavering belief in this case.

Our attorney was tough, very professional, and knew his stuff!

Our case was very difficult and challenging and therefore was very time-consuming. Each step of the way, Matt explained what was going on and what I could expect, and he always kept in contact through emails or phone calls. Matt is sincere, kind, and compassionate – he has become more than just our attorney. He is more like family!

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