By their nature, class action lawsuits are important cases. A class action lawsuit may impact the rights of thousands of people and involve millions of dollars in damages.

These cases can take years to work their way through the justice system, and require an unrivaled level of knowledge and skill. At the Michigan class action law firm of Sommers Schwartz, our experienced team of personal injury, employment and consumer law advocates work tirelessly to help our clients recover the compensation they deserve.

Our team of Michigan civil litigators have extensive experience bringing class action lawsuits against some of the largest corporations in the country. Many of our attorneys have repeatedly been named class counsel for multi-million-dollar cases, including pharmaceutical class action lawsuits, pyramid scheme class action lawsuits, and employment class action lawsuits.



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A Detroit class action lawsuit is a way for those harmed by a defendant's actions to band together. Class action lawsuits are common in product liability cases, employment discrimination claims, consumer law cases and securities claims.

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What Is a Class Action?

What Is a Michigan Class Action Lawsuit?

Most lawsuits are brought by individual plaintiffs who suffered either financial loss or physical injury due to another's negligence. Often, these cases involve a single negligent act that seriously impacted the plaintiff's life. However, sometimes a company's negligent act or decision impacts many people. A class action lawsuit is similar to a traditional lawsuit except that it is brought by a group of people, all of which are dealing with the same legal issue.

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Bringing a claim as a class action lawsuit is beneficial in many situations. The following are some of the potential benefits of a class action lawsuit:

  • Class action lawsuits can be quicker
    Class action lawsuits are often a quicker, less expensive and more efficient alternative than litigating a large number of individual cases.
  • Class action lawsuits help people who could not bring an individual suit
    By allowing similarly situated parties to band together, class action lawsuits allow plaintiffs to pursue claims that may not otherwise justify the time and expense of litigation.
  • Class action lawsuits ensure fairness
    Because one decision applies to the entire class of plaintiffs, class action lawsuits ensure that all similarly situated plaintiffs are treated equally.
  • Class action lawsuits may encourage a defendant to settle
    When faced with a claim that includes many plaintiffs, a defendant may be more likely to settle the case.
Determining Class Action Claims

While class action lawsuits offer some distinct advantages to many plaintiffs, not every claim can be brought as a class action. Before a class action can be filed, the prospective plaintiffs must prove that a class action lawsuit is necessary. This is called certifying the class. When determining whether class-certification is appropriate, courts consider the following questions:

  • Can the class be readily defined?
  • Are there enough plaintiffs to make individual litigation impractical?
  • Do the members of the class present common issues of law or fact?
  • Can all class members be identified?
  • Are the claims and defenses that are likely to come up similar in nature?
  • Will the class provide an adequate remedy for all class members?

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Class Action Lawsuit Process

Once the court certifies the class, the pre-trial discovery process begins. It is during this phase that each side can request documents and evidence from the other. For example, in a product liability case a class may request design and engineering documents in hopes of establishing that the product suffered from a design defect.

After the pre-trial discovery process is complete, the parties typically enter settlement negotiations. Many class action lawsuits do not go to trial, as the parties are able to agree on a resolution. A skilled Detroit class action lawyer can be of great help to plaintiffs by aggressively advocating on their behalf in hopes of foregoing the need of a trial.

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Types of Class Action Lawsuits

A Michigan class action lawsuit may be appropriate anytime a large group of people suffer a similar harm. At Sommers Schwartz, we routinely file the following types of class action lawsuits:


Product Liability Claims

Manufacturers have a duty to make ensure the products they release are safe for their intended use. A Michigan product liability case may be based on a design defect, manufacturing defect or on a manufacturer’s failure to warn users about a product’s inherent dangers. Product liability cases often involve medical devices, children’s toys, pharmaceutical drugs and motor vehicles.


Consumer Protection Claims

These claims often involve consumer fraud, deceptive and unfair trade practices, unfair debt collection practices, and violations of consumer protection and privacy laws. Consumer class action lawsuits allow individuals who may have suffered smaller financial losses to band together with others who are similarly situated to effect meaningful change.


Shareholder & Securities Claims

The financial industry may be well-regulated, but it is far from transparent – especially to those on the outside. Too often, companies provide false or misleading information to investors and shareholders, or engage shareholder oppression. Shareholder and derivative lawsuits against a corporation can be complex and require a seasoned attorney who is knowledgeable in these specific cases.

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Commercial Transaction Claims

Manufacturers, food producers, and investment service providers that try to mislead consumers should be held accountable for their actions. Companies that engage in deceptive sales practices or commit antitrust violations can potentially harm tens of thousands of customers. Pursuing a class action allows those who have suffered similar harms to hold businesses accountable.


Employment Claims

Michigan employees have rights under state and federal laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family Medical Leve Act. Some employers inadvertently deprive workers of pay, while others have more sinister motives. Through an employment class action lawsuit, employees can be sure they are paid what they deserve, and not anything less.


Trusted Attorneys

Class action lawsuits require an unrivaled level of skill, dedication and experience. These are often high-stakes cases, and defendant corporations can be expected to dump nearly limitless resources into their defense. The advocates at Sommer Schwartz are prepared to take on even the most powerful corporations and routinely pursue claims against some of the largest corporations in the United States.

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These are just a few of the recent verdicts and settlements we have been able to obtain for our clients. Those who have been injured due to a defective or dangerous product, been unfairly compensated for the work they have performed, or have other claims against an employer or corporation, contact one of the dedicated Michigan class action lawyers at Sommers Schwartz.

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If you are dealing with a Michigan workplace dispute, were injured as a result of a dangerous product, or was duped by a fraudulent investment scheme, our attorneys can help.

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If you are dealing with a Michigan workplace dispute, were injured as a result of a dangerous product, or was duped by a fraudulent investment scheme, our attorneys can help. Our attorneys are frequently named as lead counsel in even the most complex class action lawsuits. At Sommers Schwartz, we aggressively represent clients across Michigan and throughout the United States in all types of class action claims. While these cases can often be difficult or complicated, our team of dedicated Detroit litigators have devoted their careers to enforcing our clients' rights and has the necessary experience to succeed on your behalf.

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