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  • Birth Injury – Wrongful Death of an Unborn Baby: Mitchell v. Beaumont OB/GYN Generalists – Royal Oak, et al.

Sommers Schwartz attorney Matthew Turner filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a woman and her unborn child who died at 32 weeks’ gestation.

The mother’s pregnancy was complicated by hypertension and abnormal blood pressure. The lawsuit claimed the defendant OB-GYN failed to conduct an appropriate assessment, order testing for hypertensive disorder, or send the plaintiff to the hospital for blood pressure monitoring and evaluation of fetal well-being. Instead, the plaintiff was sent home without monitoring. 

The plaintiff’s condition worsened; she experienced contractions during the night and into the next morning, suffering a fetal demise.

The plaintiff alleges the doctor violated the standard of care by failing to take appropriate steps to diagnose and monitor the mother’s condition and the danger to the child, including performing a non-stress test on the baby to ensure fetal well-being and monitoring the mother’s blood pressure. The medical malpractice complaint alleges that had these steps been taken, the plaintiff would not have suffered a placental abruption and loss of pregnancy, and her child would have been delivered alive and healthy.

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