• Is it hard to prove wrongful termination?

It can be. Remember, employment in Michigan is at-will unless an employment contract states otherwise. Because your employer doesn’t have to have a good reason (or any reason) to fire you, it can be hard to prove wrongful termination without the help of an attorney with significant experience handling employment claims.

To prove wrongful termination, you must produce evidence of discrimination, illegal employment practices, or retaliation.

You may be able to demonstrate wrongful termination if you can prove your employer has a routine practice of firing employees in the same manner or circumstance. If your employer habitually fires people of the same legally protected class, such as race, gender, or age, that may be evidence of wrongful termination based on discrimination.

The Michigan Whistleblowers’ Protection Act protects you from adverse action for reporting violations of law. If you produce evidence that your employer fires employees right after or soon after they file a complaint with a regulatory agency, that could support a claim for wrongful termination or retaliation.

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