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As a President and CEO, I have had the opportunity to work with many law firms and attorneys on various legal matters. Recently, I became in need of personal representation in a lawsuit. After a review of alternatives, I received a recommendation for Sommers Schwartz, P.C, and specifically to the counsel of attorney Matthew Turner.

 At our introductory meeting, Matt had me methodically review my situation, discussed my alternatives and then proceeded to explain his approach for handling the case.  Key in that explanation, was how he described himself as a “litigator.” Unlike some attorneys who are either very book smart, can make a great argument, or like to negotiate settlements (although Matt possesses all of those exceptional attributes), Matt set himself apart by his commitment to litigating this case and seeing it through to the conclusion of the entire arbitration process.

Matt added Tad Roumayah, a Sommers Schwartz colleague, to the legal team. Tad provided all of the detailed and timely responses that the proceedings required, provided constant communication and feedback throughout the case, and also conducted my deposition and examination at the arbitration.

At the arbitration, Matt’s personal description of himself as a “litigator” rang true. He quickly took total command of the arbitration proceedings. His preparation, thoroughness and tenacity overwhelmed the defendant and his attorney. Together, Matt and Tad presented my case with the highest level of professionalism, personal integrity, and competency that one would want and expect at a time of personal need and crisis. And the resultant award exceeded my expectations.

So, for anyone seeking exceptional legal representation, I can thoroughly and personally recommend Mathew Turner and Tad Roumayah from the law firm of Sommers Schwartz, P.C.  

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