Case Examples

Illegal Pay Practices: Flores et al. v. Sarpino’s Pizzeria et al.
Sommers Schwartz attorneys Matthew Turner and Rod Johnston filed a class action on behalf of current and former delivery drivers, assistant managers, and other non-exempt ...
  • $337,500 Settlement Over Laboratory Malpractice

Attorney Matthew Turner secured a $337,500 settlement on behalf of a man who failed to receive timely treatment of an ulcer on his toe due to the lab’s failure to report a finding of MRSA on the culture. At their first appointment, the defendant podiatrist took a culture of the affected area and prescribed the plaintiff an antibiotic. The doctor did not receive the results of the culture until 18 days later, almost a week after the plaintiff was admitted to the hospital with sepsis. The lawsuit claims that, had the lab sent the test results right away, the doctor would have changed the antibiotic, but instead, the hospital lab’s malpractice caused the plaintiff’s MRSA to go untreated for two weeks, resulting in a systemic infection, permanent damage to his right eye, and significant tissue damage to his right knee.

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