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Case Examples

Birth Injury – Wrongful Death of an Unborn Baby Due to Anoxia: Chapko v. Halvorson et al.
Sommers Schwartz attorney Matthew Curtis filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a woman and her unborn child who died at 35 weeks gestation. ...
  • $462,000 Settlement for Injuries Sustained in Campfire Accident

Sommers Schwartz attorney Andy Dragovic secured a $462,000 settlement on behalf of a man injured during a camping trip. The plaintiff was sitting around a campfire when another individual in the group negligently threw an empty aerosol bug spray can into the blaze. Moments later, a large flame erupted following by a large explosion that projected a piece of debris out of the fire and directly into the plaintiff’s right eye, causing serious injury and disfigurement. Physicians’ attempts to salvage the eye were unsuccessful, and the plaintiff now has a permanent loss of vision and will require a prosthetic implant. The case was settled prior to the filing of a formal lawsuit.

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