• How Long Does a Class Action Take to Litigate?

Video Transcript: Class Action Case Timeline

There are many considerations that one must think about before deciding whether or not to pursue the case as a class action. And we review those with all of our clients. What it essentially comes down to is whether the extension of time– because lawsuits take a long time anyways, and class action lawsuits generally take longer– whether that extension of time is worth it.

And on the other side of the aisle are the benefits that a class action brings. There’s more money at stake, there’s more people at stake, there’s more attention, the courts give them much more attention. And so when we counsel our clients, we look at their individual facts and circumstances, we decide if there’s a strong likelihood that the case could be brought as a class action, and we let them know about all of the benefits that are available if the case is certified as a class action. And in many instances, we find that a class action is the better path to go. In some instances, it’s just not. And in those instances, we pursue our individual client cases as individual lawsuits.

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