Just months ago, horrifying news was released to the public about the deadly meningitis outbreak. The count of victims began in early October, and today there are over 500 individuals who have been diagnosed with this rare form of meningitis, and 36 deaths. The contaminated steroid was distributed all over the country by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts, to treat patients suffering with severe and chronic pains. At this time there are 23 states with diagnosed victims.

According to recent reports, Michigan has been the most greatly affected by the outbreak of the rare fungus infection. Today 13 individuals have lost their lives to this disease, and 200 totals are being treated at various levels for the infection, in this state alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there have been 10 diagnoses regarding patients that have experienced joint infections after receiving a contaminated steroid injection for their chronic pain.

Attorneys at our firm, Sommers Schwartz, believe that this devastating outbreak is a result of the negligent acts on behalf of the pharmacy as well as the clinics and doctors prescribing the medications. Attorney Robert Sickels states that it can be assumed that victims are suffering as a direct result to the governmental oversight inadequacies as well as the corporate greed on behalf of the manufacturing company who failed to follow their government standards of not mass producing and distributing their products.

Teamed up with attorneys Matthew Curtis, Jason Thompson and Richard Groffsky, Robert Sickels has discovered a very strong connection with the events of the outbreak and the responsibility of those who are involved. While the pharmacy currently is not licensed for mass distribution, it is believed that they were selling their steroids in bulk to clinics all over their country in order to make a profit. Not only that, the clinics and doctors themselves are held to a standard of excellent as they are to always have the wellbeing of their clients in mind. Unfortunately as they failed to do so, it is estimated that 13,000 Americans were exposed to this rare fungus because of the contaminated product.

Despite the efforts of NECC to cover their tracks, FDA investigators discovered that their facilities were far from sanitary. In the rooms that the NECC promised to be clean, investigators discovered mold growing in the corner, the alleged cause of the rare fungus contamination within the steroid compound medication. As a result, the FDA required the compounding center to order a product recall and close their doors while the investigation continues.

At Sommers Schwartz we are representing four clients and their families who have been made victims of this tragic outbreak. David Snow received what thought was to be a routine steroid injection in his spine to help treat his constant back pains. Little did he know that the injection that was made to help him would cause a severe hip joint infection instead. Our second client, Medford Bar, received a total of three steroid injections for his back pain and as a result was diagnosed with endocarditis because of a severe spinal disk infection. His infection played a large role in his stroke soon after. Our third victim lost their life as a result of their spinal injection. Despite the countless efforts made by the doctors to treat the meningitis infection, our client died because of the disease. Our fourth client’s spinal infection was so severe that as a result they required reconstructive spinal canal surgery in order to address the issue.

While we are representing just four of the many clients who are suffering of this outbreak, we understand how much is at stake and these victims and their families are suffering. If you or someone you know is a victim of this rare fungus infection, don’t wait another moment to contact a Michigan personal injury attorney at Sommers Schwartz to help you fight for justice and compensation. No person deserves to suffer at the hands of another individual because of the negligent and careless mistakes of another person or company, and yet sadly, it happens every day.

At this very moment there are close to 13,000 victims who continue to lay in wait, wondering if they will be the next victim to suffer from the infection. What is unique about this fungus is that the organisms can lay dormant for extended periods of time, leaving victims feeling alright for months and then before they know it are on their death bed. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t wait another moment to call us at our firm by calling (800) 783-0989 today!