Sommers Schwartz continues to fight on behalf of patients injured as the result of defective hip replacement devices manufactured by Stryker Corporation and marketed under the brand names Rejuvenate and ABG II.

Attorney Rob Sickels, himself a double hip implant recipient, recently filed a petition with the Michigan Supreme Court seeking to transfer all current and future lawsuits filed in the state to Wayne County Circuit Court.  If granted, the consolidation of the cases would make litigation more economical and expeditious for all parties involved, given the common issues and questions of fact among them.

Additionally, Sommers Schwartz has produced short videos discussing the problems associated with the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II products, the pain and injury resulting from their allegedly defective design, and the action that patients implanted with the devices should take to pursue their rights.  Click the play button on the windows below to view them, or visit our Stryker Defective Hip Implant page to learn more.