Beginning in 2012, HCR ManorCare rolled out a new appearance policy in its skilled nursing facilities that requires registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and housekeeping aides to wear certain color scrub sets on the job.

A key component of HCR ManorCare’s new dress code is a requirement that scrubs be maintained in “wrinkle-free” condition. For most employees, this means having to spend time at home laundering and ironing multiple scrub sets each week without pay. Whether employees are entitled to be paid for the time they spend maintaining their uniforms is the subject of a federal lawsuit currently pending in Pennsylvania called Chandler v. HCR ManorCare et al., No. 12-cv-4395 (E.D. Pa.).  In this case, the Court has recognized the plaintiffs’ claims as valid under the FLSA.

If you or a family member work as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, certified nursing assistant or housekeeping aide at HCR ManorCare, we would like to talk to you about your experiences with ManorCare’s dress code. Please contact us today!

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