Employees from the Chanel, Inc. store in Beverly Hills, California have brought a class action lawsuit alleging violations of California’s wage and hour laws and the state’s Unfair Competition Law. According to Law360 (subscription required), the plaintiffs, who are shipping department employees, claim they were forced to under-report actual hours worked, were not allowed breaks, and were not provided required overtime wages.

The complaint alleges that Chanel instructed employees to punch in later than when they arrived, and punch out earlier than when they left, in violation of California law. It further accuses Chanel of prohibiting rest breaks during work hours, and of evading required overtime wages, because employees worked more hours than were reported in the faulty timekeeping system.

Plaintiffs seek an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages, including attorneys’ fees and costs, as well as a preliminary and permanent injunction against Chanel. The injunction would require Chanel to establish and maintain accurate payroll records, pay all owed wages, and provide meal and break periods.

All employees are due proper wage and overtime compensation according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and state laws. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of plaintiffs in wage and hour lawsuits, and are prepared to answer any questions regarding your employment rights. Please contact us today.

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