A new lawsuit claims that Intelenet America LLC (doing business as Intelenet Global Services) is cheating its call center sales representatives out of wages and overtime compensation.


According to the complaint, Intelenet America employs customer service representatives in both at-home and brick-and-monitor call centers positions, classifying the workers as hourly non-exempt employees. Intelenet America’s clients, which include American Express, rely on the call center agents to handle card members’ inbound calls regarding reward point redemptions, travel options, travel booking, assistance with navigating the travel website, and trip cancellations.

To perform their jobs, customer service representatives use computer networks and software programs, and company policies requires them to have their computers and applications up and ready at the start of their scheduled shifts. The class action suit alleges that the agents are not paid for time spent booting up computers and logging into programs and networks, a violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws.

Additionally, the customer service reps say Intelenet America forces them to work through meal breaks without compensation, and fails to pay them for mid- and post-shift job tasks such as:

  • Waiting on hold with technical support when disconnected from computer systems and networks;
  • Shutting down applications and computers after ending their shifts; and
  • Reading work-related emails before and after their shifts.

In total, this “off the clock” work can amount several minutes each day, much of which exceeds 40 hours per week – time for which the workers are entitled to wages and overtime pay.

The attorneys in Sommers Schwartz Employment Litigation Group are now interviewing other call center agents who worked as Intelenet America call center agents regarding their experiences and potential damages for unpaid compensation. If you worked for Intelenet America or Intelenet Global Services as a customer service representative or other inbound telephone agent, please contact us today!