When managers paid by the hour are forced to work “off the clock” without pay, that’s a violation of state and federal wage and overtime laws. A new lawsuit claims Lowe’s Companies engages in this illegal pay practice and seeks damages from the national home improvement retailer.


Lowe’s Non-Exempt Hourly Managers

The plaintiffs in the class action are current and former department managers, service managers, support managers, and other non-exempt hourly managers employed at Lowe’s stores throughout the U.S. Although they must work a full-time schedule that often involves overtime beyond 40 hours per week, many of their compensable work tasks go unpaid.

For example, before and after their regularly scheduled shifts and during unpaid meal breaks (periods when the plaintiffs are not clocked into Lowe’s timekeeping system), the managers must:

  • Read and respond to work-related communications on their smartphones;
  • Report early to perform perimeter checks by slowly driving their vehicles outside retail stores to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary occurred overnight;
  • Unlock and lock main entrances;
  • Arm and disarm security systems; and
  • Log into and out of the company’s computer system.

Lowe’s forces the plaintiffs to carry out these tasks “off the clock” to avoid paying overtime.

The total unpaid time can be substantial, often 30 minutes or more each day that easily exceeds 40 hours a week – time for which the hourly managers are entitled to overtime at time-and-a-half.

Are You a Lowe’s Hourly Manager?

The lawyers in Sommers Schwartz’s Wage & Hour Litigation Group are interviewing current and former Lowe’s managers regarding their experiences, suspected wage abuse, and the right to compensation. If you worked as a department manager, service manager, support manager, or other non-exempt hourly manager, please contact us today to discuss your case.

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