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I had a wonderful experience with you and Tad! I think that coming into your office, I was lacking a lot of knowledge about what ...

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Sommers Schwartz senior shareholder Matthew Curtis recently obtained a confidential $850,000 settlement for the family of a man who died after physicians and nurses failed to treat a pulmonary ...
  • Breach of Contract – Fun Vacation Network LLC v. Blackhawk Network, Inc.

Sommers Schwartz attorneys Andrew Kochanowski, Kevin Stoops, and Sarah Rickard initiated a breach of contract lawsuit for a distributor of consumer gift cards. According to the complaint, the plaintiff entered into an agreement with the defendant to sell Disney Vacation gift cards in numerous retail locations east of the Mississippi River. The parties expressly agreed to the terms of the contract and then collaborated to create an approved card design. The plaintiff ordered more than 127,000 cards from the defendant’s subsidiary, which were then sent to the defendant’s warehouse for storage until the scheduled distribution date. Later, Blackhawk notified the plaintiff that it would halt distribution of the card, and has since refused to release the cards so that plaintiff can sell them through another distributor. The matter is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

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