• How Are Camp Lejeune Settlement Amounts Determined?

If you are a former resident, employee, or service member stationed at Camp Lejeune between the 1950s through 1985 and suspect you were exposed to VOCs, you may be entitled to compensation. Civilians, family members, and service members who aren’t eligible for VA benefits may recover compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Camp Lejeune water contamination settlements are expected to total over $6.7 billion. To determine how much each person injured by Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water should receive, the parties and their attorneys ask several questions. These include:

  • How long were you (or the injured person) exposed to the water at Camp Lejeune?
  • What kind of harm have you suffered? For example, what type of cancer or disease do you have?
  • If you’re seeking compensation for a child or adult under your care, what happened to that person?
  • How high are medical costs for treating the harm caused? How much have you already paid? How much will ongoing or future care cost?
  • How much have you (or the injured person) lost from being unable to work? 

Other losses may also be included in the calculation. For example, if you hired help because your illness limits your ability to do ordinary household tasks, their wages may be included in the settlement discussion. 

Before starting the settlement negotiation process, your legal team will gather evidence to make a case for your specific settlement needs. This evidence may include medical records, testimony, and other items that provide information about your situation. Once your legal team builds a strong case, they will begin negotiations. 

The settlement process is often an easier way to receive compensation than going to trial. A successful settlement means you receive payment sooner and avoid the stress of a trial. However, as your legal team works to agree on a settlement, they will also prepare for trial; if negotiations don’t work, trial remains an option. 

There is no guarantee you will receive any settlement in a Camp Lejeune injury case. Your legal team will work to build a strong argument that maximizes your chances of receiving the compensation you need. An experienced Camp Lejeune injury lawyer can help you understand your options and choose the best course of action for your needs.

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