• I will confidently recommend Sommers Schwartz.

Unlike several other firms I considered, Sommers Schwartz responded almost immediately to the email I sent briefly explaining my situation, and Tad vetted my concerns over the phone to determine I had a potentially viable claim. After determining that to be the case, he promptly arranged for a meeting to finalize his inquiries, determined there were substantial grounds to move forward and arrange for my meeting with you. I was particularly impressed with the fact that you quickly cut to the chase and were candid in discounting the aspects of the case that were less compelling despite my initially believing otherwise. In preparing me for the mediation, you forced me to do a critical self-examination as to my degree of culpability in the matter, correctly anticipating areas of concern the mediator may have. You were on a short list of attorney’s I considered to represent me in this matter based on your standing in the legal community and I have no doubt that your reputation brought this matter to a resolution more expeditiously than a less highly regarded attorney would have been able to accomplish. I would absolutely consider using you if the need arises in the future and I will confidently recommend Sommers Schwartz to friends or family members in need of legal services.

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