• Andy Dragovic is an outstanding trial attorney!

Andy Dragovic is an outstanding trial attorney! The thought of testifying in a jury trial for a medical malpractice case can be pretty intimidating, to say the least. I needed representation from an attorney who was empathetic and effective. Andrija Dragovic proved to be that attorney time and time again. He was clearly dedicated to finding justice, explored my options every step of the way, and respected all my decisions regarding the case. I was impressed with his efforts to communicate regularly with me and provide education regarding the legal process in terms that were easy to understand. He was prepared to go to trial in my case, and we did! The jury came back with a unanimous finding in my favor and I was awarded the maximum amount for damages. Mr. Dragovic was extremely prepared, well versed in case law, and compelling during the trial. Behind the scenes, while relating to me, he was thoughtful and down to earth. I couldn’t have asked for better representation and have a tremendous amount of respect for Andy Dragovic and his legal practice.

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