• I appreciate the team effort provided.

I am more than reasonably satisfied with the outcome. The monetary consideration is one thing but the principle of the matter was very important to me. Civil rights were violated with discrimination. My character and integrity were in question. The dispute was settled in my favor and, with a great deal of my gratitude and respect for those of you in the legal profession. The scope and depth of the demand letter gave me all the confidence and comfort that my dispute would be managed by the best. It seems to me most all communications were timely and concrete, and I appreciate the team effort provided. On a very personal note I would like you gentlemen to know that for those of us that have been violated and need legal assistance, we must often wait for justice in quiet desperation. As such, the words I used above “confidence and comfort” came only from you and your team. This also gives meaning to the words: all comes to those who wait. Yes, I wanted to call you gentlemen more than once for updates! If I had a legal problem in the future, I would consider only calling your firm for assistance. I have already given a friend a recommendation to your firm.

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