• I wanted to thank you.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in resolving the matter with my employer. I was impressed by yours and Tad’s strengths, which included the following:

  • You listened to my complaints and were able to determine what laws my employer violated.
  • You kept me involved in the case and incorporated my opinions into the process.
  • You were diligent in sifting through the documentation that I provided and also requested information from me to learn what I was saying and to clearly understand my perspective.
  • You provided me with guidance on how I should act as your client and be part of the team.
  • You were patient with me and asked your questions in various ways until you were sure that I understood your requests. As a result, I was able to provide you with all of the information that you needed.
  • You had an exceptional grasp of the law.
  • You were willing to support me either on an hourly basis, as a representative in arbitration or as a partner in litigation.
  • You both have pleasant personalities and are enjoyable to associate with. I felt like we could be friends!

– describing ,
A Trusted Authority

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