• You are outstanding!!!

When I was fired from my executive position without any notice, a relative of mine recommended I call you. That was one of the best suggestions anyone could have given me at the time. Your professionalism was outstanding. You took the time to listen to my scattered thoughts while I was freaking out about being unemployed at age 59. You asked the right questions to get to the fact that I was being discriminated against and were willing to take on my case. I was so impressed with your knowledge of the law and the way you were able to step back and look at all the options while explaining it to me in layman terms. You spent so much time on a case that could have had zero return. But in the end, it all paid off, because of your expertise and how you handled the case. I would recommend you to anyone who is or has been a victim of workplace harassment, discrimination or any other employment issue. You are outstanding!!!

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