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Surgical Malpractice – William Beaumont Hosptial – Improperly Performed C-Section and Failure to Remove Surgical Sponge from Patient
Sommers Schwartz attorney Richard Groffsky filed a surgical malpractice lawsuit against William Beaumont Hospital on behalf of a 34-year-old woman who suffered pain and mental anguish following a negligently ...
  • $1.6 Million Verdict for Doctor’s Failure to Prevent Myocardial Infarction
Sommers Schwartz attorney Robert Sickels obtained a verdict for more than $1.6 million from a Saginaw County, Michigan jury over claims that the plaintiff’s family medicine doctor failed to properly treat her coronary artery disease. The plaintiff had a history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia when she began seeing the defendant and despite a variety of indicators suggesting heart problems, the physician misdiagnosed the condition and failed to arrange for appropriate drug therapy, choosing instead to prescribe steroids and antibiotics for what he believed to be sinusitis and respiratory illness. Three days after her final visit with the defendant, the plaintiff suffered a massive myocardial infarction, necessitating repeated angioplasty procedures and implantation of a pacemaker. The jury’s award included economic damages of $262,268.86 for the plaintiff’s medical expenses, while the remaining amount was for her past and future economic loss.
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