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Wrongful Death – Woman Murdered by Ex-Boyfriend After Psychiatric Facility Fails to Notify Her of His Release: Duncan v. Sparrow Hospital Association
Sommers Schwartz attorneys Matthew Turner and Jay Yasso filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the estate of a woman who was shot and killed by her dangerous and unstable ...
  • $5.3 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement in Case Involving Intubation Errors
Sommers Schwartz attorney Robert Sickels obtained a $5.3 million settlement on behalf of a three-year old child who suffered bleeding after a tonsillectomy. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the defendant physicians involved in the boy’s care at different points in time failed to properly manage a post-tonsillectomy bleeding vessel that first developed four days after the surgery. When the child was finally taken to the operating room to attempt to cauterize a bleeding blood vessel, initial intubation attempts failed and brisk bleeding from the tonsil bed developed, inhibiting further efforts at oral intubation. During the bleeding episode, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon failed to properly manage the airway crisis and the boy suffered cardiac arrest due to the prolonged period he was without an airway and oxygenation. By the time an airway was finally established and effective circulation restored, the child’s brain was extensively damaged. 
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