Congratulations are in order for Andrew Kochanowski who today secured a $2 million verdict from a federal jury in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Andrew represented V Cars, LLC, a company headed by renowned automotive industry trailblazer Malcolm Bricklin, against KCA Engineering, LLC and its founder, former Saline, Michigan engineer Dennis Gore.

V Cars, LLC sought to export into the United States cars produced in China by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., and employed Gore to lead a team of engineers in analyzing and adapting the foreign-produced vehicles to U.S. federal standards. V Cars claimed that Gore, while on its payroll, performed side services for Chery to help Chery to make a separate deal with another company, and conveyed confidential information and strategy to Chery’s executives while hiding that information from Bricklin and V Cars’ management.

An eight-person jury took less than one day to return a verdict in favor of V Cars after several days of testimony. Further coverage of this significant case can be found at the DBusinessusiness and Reuters websites.