Sometimes it takes a doctor to blow the whistle on another doctor’s fraud.

As reported in an article in the Jackson Citizen Patriot and on, an investigation led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit revealed that a cardiologist (Dr. J.P.) performed unnecessary heart catheterizations on patients after improperly reading nuclear stress tests as positive. The investigation was prompted by a lawsuit filed by Dr. J.K. – another cardiologist – under the Federal False Claims Act.

Of the patients Dr. J.P subjected to this invasive and potentially harmful procedure, which involves snaking a hollow tube into the heart through an incision in the groin, three-quarters showed no signs of significant blockage. The suit also named Allegiance Health, the facility where many of the catheterizations were performed, and further alleged that J.P., Allegiance, and Jackson Cardiology Associates, J.P’s medical practice, performed a host of other unnecessary tests on an outpatient basis, including placements of peripheral cardiac stents.

The False Claims Act empowers private citizens to sue those who commit fraud against the government. These civil lawsuits, also known as “qui tam” actions, not help government recovery monetary damages for fraud perpetrated against it, but also reward the whistleblower with a percentage of the recovery if the case is successful.

If you underwent a heart catheterization or other possibly unnecessary procedure by any of these health care providers, you may be the victim of medical malpractice and other wrongs. The time you have to seek compensation is limited, so please contact us today to confidentially discuss your situation and learn how we can help.