The United States Supreme Court has been busy in the past few terms, with one of their hottest topics being the proper role for class actions. Some commentators – surprisingly, from both the plaintiff and defense sides – have interpreted the opinions as further examples of the conservative Roberts Court’s restriction of plaintiffs in their pursuit of justice.

Sommers Schwartz class action attorney Jason J. Thompson sees things differently.

In a recent article published in the Michigan Association for Justice Newsletter, Jason examined several class action decisions issued by the Supreme Court over the past year. He concludes that the decisions all share a common thread – the Court views class actions as valuable and important legal tools, a view that runs contrary to those who feel that the Court is seeking to undermine class actions.

Time will tell the extent to which the Roberts Court has altered class action practice and procedure, but for now, Jason believes the Court’s recent opinions hardly amount to a warning bell for the end of class actions.

Jason J. Thompson

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Jason J. Thompson

Jason Thompson is a nationally board certified trial attorney and co-chairs Sommers Schwartz’s Complex Litigation Department. He has a formidable breadth of litigation experience, including class action and multidistrict litigation (MDL), and practices nationwide in both state and federal courts.