Due to the high cost of higher education and a sluggish job market, college students have become increasingly reliant upon financial aid and loan assistance programs.

One such program known as “Michigan Students First” offered 0% interest rates to Michigan college students after successful payment of the first 36 installments on loans held by the Michigan Finance Authority. The MFA terminated the plan in 2010, but lawsuits involving its continuing obligations have now taken center stage.

Hans Kiebler and Donovan Visser, two former Michigan State University students, are now seeking class action certification on behalf of 105,000 others they allege were negatively impacted when “Michigan Students First” was terminated. Sommers Schwartz is representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which is now pending in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

If you received a loan under the Michigan Students First program and believe you were harmed by its termination, please contact the attorneys at Sommers Schwartz to discuss your situation.