Over its history, Sommers Schwartz has supported local causes in various ways, including hands-on volunteering, fundraising events, and leadership roles on nonprofit boards. We are renewing that commitment to giving back to our communities with the launch of “Sommers Schwartz Serves.”

What Is Sommers Schwartz Serves?

Sommers Schwartz in the communityMetro Detroit is home to countless worthy organizations with noble visions, but we can channel our resources to only a few them. Our newly formed Sommers Schwartz Serves initiative, stewarded by a dedicated group of attorneys and professionals throughout the firm, is bringing structure and direction to our philanthropic activities according to specific needs in the community.

Each year, the committee will determine a guiding theme and then assemble a list of nonprofits whose missions align with that theme. Different subcommittees then research each nonprofit, assess the impact our volunteering and financial contributions will have on them, and prioritize how we deploy our people and donations among a final list of organizations.

Recently, the Sommers Schwartz Serves Committee decided on our inaugural theme—“Health, Hunger & Humanity.” We narrowed down an enormous field of charity partners and have also connected with and begun supporting some of them. In the last few months, groups of volunteers have given their valuable time and energy to:

We are proud to support these and other causes related to our annual theme, just as we have gladly given to other civil and charitable groups in the area over the years.

Why Are We Doing This?

First and foremost, giving back to the communities where we live and work is simply the right thing to do. In our law practice, we help others obtain justice and right wrongs, and philanthropic involvement extends that pledge.

Also, studies have shown the positive effect corporate philanthropy and volunteering in the community can have upon a business’s morale and culture; Sommers Schwartz Serves will enhance our culture and bring our people closer.

It’s always been true that people do business with people they like. In today’s world, people want to do business with people they admire and respect. We want to be the law firm clients choose not only because of our skilled and accomplished litigation team but also for our commitment to improving the lives of others.

I’m delighted to serve as the chair of the Sommers Schwartz Serves Committee and would like to express my gratitude to those participating on our committee:

  • Muskan Ali
  • Joe Bourgon
  • Shea Brouster
  • Vanessa Ferriole
  • Ramona Howard
  • Alana Karbal
  • Kim Kortes
  • Tammy O’Boyle
  • Lissa Racer
  • Michele Reiley
  • Chelsea Richardson
  • Lenore Zakhem
  • Rob Sickels
  • Judy Susskind
  • Michelle White
  • Dina Zalewski

We will share details about Sommers Schwartz Serves activities in the future and hope you will join us at an upcoming service day or volunteer event.