Sommers Schwartz shareholder Jay Yasso is currently investigating purported sexual abuse at United Baptist Church in Garden City, Michigan.

According to the allegations, multiple young girls have been subjected to unwanted touching and molestation by a youth group leader from at least 2017 to as recently as two weeks ago. The church assigned the teenage suspect to his leadership role, placing him in a position to watch over the girls and other minor students.

Reports indicate the assailant created opportunities to meet individually with the young women, away from other students and adults, and outside the view of church security cameras. He is believed to have assaulted the girls on church grounds, on church-sanctioned bus trips, and during offsite church recreational activities. Despite complaints by students to church officials and administrators, the youth group leader continued to prey on the girls for several years.

Recently, the Garden City Police initiated an investigation after being notified of the alleged sexual assault.

Sommers Schwartz has represented girls, women, and men in sexual assault lawsuits against Michigan State University gymnastics trainer Dr. Larry Nassar, University of Michigan Athletics physician Robert Anderson, Metro Detroit-area teacher Jason Debandt, and others.

If you or someone you care about was sexually abused at the United Baptist Church, or if you have information about the suspected molestation, please contact attorney Jay Yasso at 248.746.4012. You will be treated with the utmost compassion, sensitivity, and privacy, and you may speak with one of our female attorneys if that would be more comfortable for you.