Sommers Schwartz is pleased to announce that Lawdragon selected three of our litigators – Tad Roumayah, Kevin Stoops, and Daniel Swanson – to this year’s guide of 500 Leading Plaintiff Employment & Civil Rights Lawyers.

2022 LD Plaintiff Employment Civil Rights Lawyer 300x300 1Honored in the Employee Rights Litigation category, Dan has appeared on each edition of the annual list since its debut in 2018, and Tad has been named perenially since 2020. Kevin has been included in the Wage & Hour category each year since 2020 as well.

Lawdragon evaluates candidates through nominations and independent journalistic research vetted by peers and adversaries. Describing the important representation Tad, Kevin, Dan, and the other lawyers on the 2022 list provide, Lawdragon said:

As we all stagger forward in the possible twilight of the global pandemic and through an increasingly troubled economy to the liminal edge of whatever horror comes next, these lawyers give us hope of better days. They have dedicated their careers to standing up for our rights in workplaces and in society – a mission that’s never been more important. Social justice as a cause is enduring, as is the right to work in a safe, fair and equitable environment.

Please join us in congratulating Tad, Kevin, and Dan on this prestigious recognition!