"Employers always try to hide behind the argument that there is a 'factor other than gender' at play. That it's about some other metric — experience, education, seniority — and they will do everything they can to grab on to that defense."


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In this episode, Justin and guest Jesse Young discuss how employees can know whether they are being paid fairly. The discussion centers around the Equal Pay Act, which is a subset of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The show addresses questions like, “Am I getting paid for all hours I’ve worked?” and, “Am I getting paid the same amount as others doing the same work?” It also addresses rules about whether you can talk about your pay with other employees in the workplace.

Despite the progress that has been made over the last several decades toward evening the pay gap between men and women, many lawsuits alleging discriminatory pay are filed every year. In 2018, for example, there were over 1,000 complaints filed concerning alleged violations of the Equal Pay Act.

Learn more about your rights as an employee in this compelling episode!

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Jesse Young

Jesse Young

Jesse Young represents clients in serious employment disputes, such as severance negotiations, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing activity, employment contracts, terminations, and compliance. In addition, he has appeared in hundreds of wage-and-hour lawsuits and hundreds more arbitrations arising under the Fair Labor Standards Act and similar state laws.

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