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Medical Malpractice – Failure To Diagnose Infant’s Metabolic Crisis And Prevent Stroke: Burrell v Lakeland Hospital, St. Joseph
Sommers Schwartz attorney Matthew Turner filed a medical malpractice suit on behalf of an infant who suffered extensive neurological damage following a metabolic stroke while ...
  • $3.175 Million Settlement for Infant Who Suffered Brain Damage Due to Delayed Delivery
The attorneys at Sommers Schwartz secured a $3.175 million medical malpractice settlement in a birth injury case arising out of the defendant’s negligent management of labor and delivery.  Fetal monitor tracings revealed episodes of fetal heart rate decelerations, indicating that the baby was in distress. The medical personnel failed to recognize the deterioration in the fetal monitor tracing and also failed to perform a prompt cesarean section. The baby suffered a severe brain injury due to lack of adequate oxygen to the brain during labor. The delay in performing a cesarean section resulted in the baby developing cerebral palsy and mental retardation, and now suffers from vision loss and hearing loss as well.
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