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Video Transcript: Employment Discrimination

Hello. I’m Dan Swanson, partner at the Law Firm of Sommers Schwartz. For more than 30 years, I’ve been representing men and women in employment-related cases. The truth is that the vast majority of Americans need to work and that a job provides economic stability, security for one’s family, and the opportunity for a better life. Getting that job may have required years of education, as well as a great deal of time, energy, and hard work. No matter what job your have or who your employer is, you have the right to be free from unlawful discrimination in the workplace.

Employment discrimination takes many forms, including bias or prejudice based on your race, ethnic background, or national origin; your age; a physical, mental, psychological, or emotional disability; your sex or sexual orientation; a pregnancy; your religious beliefs. Discrimination can occur at any stage in the employment relationship, such as hiring, training, demotion or promotion, transfer, disciplinary action, compensation, or termination or discharge.

The bottom line is that when employers engage in discriminatory behavior, they are breaking the law. Because I’ve been representing folks who have been the victims of unlawful discrimination in the workplace for more than three decades, I’ve learned what discrimination is, how it can destroy a career and otherwise harm a good employee. I’ve also learned that even today, discrimination remains a real problem in our society.

Finally, and most importantly, I’ve learned what it takes to win discrimination cases. Over the years, I’ve represented many different victims of discrimination and harassment including women and men, African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Arab-Americans, pregnant women, gays and lesbians, and older Americans. Employment discrimination cases are often difficult, factually complex, and emotionally charged. People’s lives, incomes, and futures are at stake through no fault of their own.

I’ve seen how these lawsuits can take a toll on individuals and families, and how successfully resolving these lawsuits can change people’s lives for the better. That’s why choosing an attorney to fight for you and your family is such an important decision. Discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable. If you believe you’ve been denied a job or been disciplined or demoted or have been fired or retaliated against because of an employer’s discriminatory words or conduct, you have a short time to take action before your potential claim may be lost due to filing deadlines. Please contact me today to discuss your situation and to learn how Sommers Schwartz can help you.

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