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For more than 40 years, Sommers Schwartz has fought for children and families whose lives are forever changed due to a birth injury. Handling your case isn’t just a job, it’s our calling.

The Michigan birth injury attorney team at Sommers Schwartz takes holding negligent medical professionals seriously and is ready to expose the mistakes that led to your baby’s birth injury and fight for their future. 

Bringing a new baby into the world is a special time. When your baby has been injured during the birthing process, you must suddenly plan for a lifetime of special care for your child. Medical professionals and hospitals often try to obscure the reasons for a birth injury to avoid blame, but the birth injury attorney team at Sommers Schwartz can help uncover the truth and hold them accountable.


For more than 40 years, Sommers Schwartz has fought for children and families whose lives are forever changed due to a birth injury. Handling your case isn’t just a job, it’s our calling. Thousands of babies are born every day, but when something goes wrong during the birth of your baby, you need to find out why and if the doctor or nurses could have prevented it.

Birth injury testimonial
I relied on my doctor to make sure my unborn child would be healthy and safe. During labor, something went wrong. The baby didn’t get enough oxygen and she suffered brain damage. Sommers Schwartz team of birth injury lawyers, paralegals, nurses, and experts went to work right away. The OBGYN doctors and nurses failed to monitor her heart rate and prevent the lack of oxygen to her brain. Sommers Schwartz uncovered the truth and held them accountable for their mistakes, obtaining a 4.375 million settlement.

If your child has cerebral palsy, the cost of medical care and daily assistance now and after you’re gone can be staggering. We’ll fight to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Norm Tucker
You think you’re going to bring home a newborn that’s healthy and happy and smiling and you bring home a child that’s brain damaged and needs 24/7 care. It’s devastating to the family, whoever you may be. It’s a total team effort. And so, when we go into a case it’s like four or five against one on the other side where other attorneys it’s one on one. I like the former odds better.

Rob Sickles
You would think that after a major injury occurs in a hospital that why it happened would be clearly stated in the medical records, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. What happens after a major injury is a cover up and a concerted attempt to camouflage what really occurred. And it takes a great deal of knowledge, a great deal of skill, a great deal of tenacity to recreate that event and to be able to bring to a jury what really happened.

Matthew Curtis
The fortunate part of working here at Sommers Schwartz is we have all those resources that really allow you to go toe to toe with anybody in the country. When you hire us, you’re not just hiring one person, you’re hiring our entire firm and the team is going to be behind you in pursuing and helping your case.

Compassionate, dedicated, experienced, driven Sommers Schwartz’s lawyers are all of these things and more. You want the best for your child. A birth injury doesn’t change that, but to ensure the best possible future for your child and your family, you need Sommers Schwartz in your corner.

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