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Michigan class action law firm Sommers Schwartz describes how large corporations can get away with harming many individuals because one person cannot often take them on. However, with a powerhouse law firm like Sommers Schwartz at the wheel, many people can come together to hold these companies accountable through a class action lawsuit. 

The class action and commercial litigation team at Michigan firm Sommers Schwartz understand not just the intricacies of suing a company on behalf of a large group of people similarly harmed by deceptive business practices, but also the personal cost to each class member suffered as a result and the toll that can take on their families. Sommers Schwartz has taken huge corporations to task for multiple people at a time in class-action lawsuits related to false advertising, deceptive sales practices, product mislabeling, pyramid schemes, and more. Learn how Sommers Schwartz can help you too.

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