The drumbeat of complaints – and serious health problems – involving dangerous hip replacements has continued unabated over the past few years, even though most of the flawed devices are no longer on the market. Likewise, there has been a continuation of huge settlements and judgments against the manufacturers of these products, including a $247 million verdict in favor of six New York hip implant patients.


Those plaintiffs are among 9,000 individuals who have sued Johnson & Johnson for injuries associated with dangerous DePuy Orthopedics’ Pinnacle hip implants, alleging that the devices were defectively designed and that the company failed to warn doctors and the public about the risks. The latest verdict follows in the footsteps of two other verdicts that exceeded $500 million in damages for individuals who had the same models implanted.

Hip Implant Manufacturers Pay Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts and Settlements

Johnson & Johnson is not alone in the crosshairs of patients who have suffered debilitating pain, requiring removal and replacement of their defective devices.

Other manufacturers being held accountable for defective hip replacement injuries include Stryker Orthopedics, for their Rejuvenate, LFIT V40, and ABG II devices, and Wright Medical, for their Dynasty and Lineage replacement hips, CONSERVE Plus Total Hip Resurfacing System, and PROFEMUR Z System. Just last year, Wright Medical agreed to pay $240 million to settle claims brought by nearly 1,300 people who suffered significant health problems because of their devices.

Metallosis and Other Defective Hip Replacement Dangers

The primary problem with all of these metal-on-metal implants is the metal itself. Specifically, the risk is that metal debris from the metal-on-metal contact will release high levels of cobalt and chromium into the surrounding tissue and the bloodstream. Known as metallosis, this condition can lead to cardiovascular, neurological, renal, and thyroid problems, as well as the destruction of soft tissue, muscle, and bone. These problems are further compounded by the need for costly and painful revision surgeries.

But the damage being caused by defective medical devices extends far beyond hip implants. As a recent New York Times article discusses, recalls of dangerous medical devices continue to rise at an alarming rate. In 2003, only eight devices were recalled because of a “reasonable probability” that they will “cause serious adverse health consequences or death.” In 2016, that number rose to 117. That translates into hundreds of thousands of individuals whose lives are at risk because device manufacturers put their profit-fueled desire to rush their device to market ahead of the health and well-being of patients.

Trusted and Experienced Defective Device and Dangerous Drug Lawyers

When that happens, and people suffer because of the greed and negligence of medical device manufacturers, the medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys at Sommers Schwartz stand ready to hold those parties accountable. Our lawyers have successfully obtained compensation for clients who have suffered because of defective hip implants, as well as a wide range of other medical devices.

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