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Hospital Malpractice – Nurse’s Negligence Allows Foot Surgery Patient to Fall, Causing Severe Injuries and Necessitating Additional Treatment: Joy v. Beaumont Hospital
Sommers Schwartz attorney Matthew Turner filed a hospital malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a woman who suffered serious injuries and had to undergo additional surgery and intense physical therapy ...
  • $2 Million Settlement for Failure to Prevent Ischemic Thromboembolic Stroke

Sommers Schwartz attorney Samuel Meklir secured a $2 million medical malpractice settlement on behalf of a woman who suffered a major stroke and neurological impairments as a result of a physician’s failure to take proper preventative action. The plaintiff, then 26 years old, presented to the emergency room with signs of stroke, and during her examination, reported to the ER staff that she was wearing a NuvaRing birth control device, which contained progestin desogestrel that placed her at higher risk for developing a blood clot or thromboembolism. Despite this information, the defendant doctor did not remove the NuvaRing device; had the defendants done so when the plaintiff was admitted to the hospital, she could have been given anti-platelet therapy. Instead, just two days after her discharge, she suffered a severe ischemic thromboembolic stroke.

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