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Birth Injury: Mismanaged Preeclampsia and Delayed C-Section – Blackaby v. Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center, et al.
Sommers Schwartz attorneys Matt Curtis filed suit alleging the defendants’ failure to properly manage the plaintiff mother’s prenatal care as well as their delay in ...
  • $700,000 Verdict for Injuries Sustained After Surgery Performed at Wrong Spine Level

Sommers Schwartz attorneys Matthew Turner secured a $686,772 neurological malpractice verdict in Oakland County Circuit Court on behalf of a 59-year-old woman who alleged that the defendant neurosurgeon performed surgery on the wrong level of her spine. Medical records indicated that the patient required a C8 nerve root compression to restore use to her right hand and fingers, but the defendant operated at T1-T2 after failing to recognize that the patient had a congenital fusion at C2-C3. Because the nerve root remained compressed for six additional months, the patient suffered permanent loss of use of her dominant right hand, when a properly and timely performed procedure would have most likely restored the use of her hand. At no time prior to trial did the defendants offer any money or consider settlement.

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