The University of Michigan and attorneys representing survivors sexually assaulted by the late Robert Anderson will begin mediating claims in September 2020. Proceedings are scheduled to last eight days, during which several hundred survivors will be represented. But more survivors are coming forward every day.

Improper Outreach By UofM to Thousands of Alums

In recent weeks, UofM has contacted more than 300,000 alumni who graduated within the last 40 years. The notification informs Anderson’s survivors of available mental health resources and encourages them to speak with attorneys from WilmerHale, the law firm hired by the school to conduct a supposedly independent investigation into the University Health Services doctor and athletic team physician’s decades of sexual abuse and molestation.

On June 24, 2020, Michigan federal Judge Victoria Roberts issued an order banning this type of outreach by the University, ruling it is improper for the school to communicate with those who could become plaintiffs in class action litigation.

Beware of Solicitations from Other Law Firms

There has been an influx of direct mail to athletic alumni from attorneys across the country seeking to represent survivors in claims for compensation. If you receive such a letter, proceed with caution!

An attorney may say they represent many survivors, but that doesn’t mean the lawyer has the expertise to handle your matter. Verify the attorney has the knowledge and experience to represent you and will not charge unethical legal fees.

Anderson’s Survivors May Be Hesitant to Step Forward

As we continue to speak with dozens of survivors preyed upon by healthcare providers, we hear that many are afraid to come forward for fear of being exposed – often because of threats, shaming, and manipulation by their perpetrators. Know that we can protect your identity throughout the entire proceeding. Your friends, family, employer, or co-workers need not know about the abuse you suffered until and unless you are ready to share that with them.

If you were sexually abused or assaulted by the late Dr. Robert Anderson, it is imperative you come forward immediately to protect your rights and have your case considered in the mediation process. If the mediation results in a settlement and your claim is not included in the agreement, you may lose your right to compensation forever.

Sommers Schwartz Has the Experience and Record of Results to Represent You

Sommers Schwartz has successfully recovered compensation for many survivors of physician sexual abuse, including people molested by Michigan State University-Larry Nassar, as well as those harmed by adult leaders with the Boy Scouts of America and Catholic priests.

Because of our experience, dozens of Anderson survivors have chosen Sommers Schwartz to represent them now. Our clients include many people whom Dr. Robert Anderson sexually abused during his time at the University of Michigan from 1968 through the 1990s – former students and student-athletes (including All-American football players), physicians, pilots, members of the LGBTQ community, men examined by Anderson before their draft physicals for the Vietnam war, and others.

Please Contact Us Today to Protect Your Rights!

If you were sexually assaulted or molested by Dr. Robert Anderson, please contact the attorneys at Sommers Schwartz for a 100-percent free, confidential, no-pressure consultation. We will discuss your situation with you, listen compassionately about the abuse you suffered, and walk you through the rights and remedies you may have. We are available any time of the day, and when you contact us by phone, chat, or the form below, one of our experienced sexual abuse attorneys will speak to you or immediately follow-up with you.

Photo Credit: University of Michigan Media Guide