Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Michigan

No one wants to suffer a serious injury, especially if it is due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. No one wants to be in pain or out of work as a result. And no one thinks it is fair that they bear the financial, physical, and practical challenges in the aftermath of a car accident or other incident when none of these struggles is their fault.

Most injury victims do not want to deal with lawyers and lawsuits, courtrooms and juries. But if they want the compensation and resources to ease their burdens, and if they want the party who caused their losses to be held accountable, Michigan injury victims need a personal injury lawyer. While not every personal injury claim becomes the basis of a lawsuit, and while most personal injury suits settle before a trial, injury victims must meet with an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible after their accidents.

In our legal system, personal injury lawsuits are the primary means through which negligent parties are held responsible for the damage they cause.

Meeting with a lawyer will not cost you anything. Not doing so can cost you a lot.

Even if you aren’t sure you want to pursue a claim, or if you don’t know who was at fault for your accident and injuries, meeting with a lawyer for a free consultation is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you retain your ability to obtain compensation. While meeting with a lawyer will cost you nothing, not doing so can cost you plenty, including thousands of dollars that could be yours.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer does not necessarily mean a trial or even a lawsuit. It does mean that you will have a committed and experienced advocate whose sole goal is to maximize the compensation you obtain for your injuries. You will have someone who knows the time limits and rules that apply to your claim. And you will have an ally who will not be bullied or fooled by insurance companies trying to settle your claim on the cheap.

Here are five reasons you need a personal injury lawyer in Michigan.

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You Can Lose Your Rights if You Do Not Know What They Are

You do not know what you do not know. When it comes to personal injury law, not knowing how the process works, what your rights are, and how quickly you must act to preserve and protect those rights can cause you to lose them. That means no compensation, no help with your medical bills, no resources to aid your recovery, and nothing to make up for how your injuries have changed your life forever.


Meeting with a personal injury attorney can prevent you from making errors that could be fatal to your claim.

Statutes of limitations are laws that dictate the timeframe for you to file a lawsuit for your injuries and losses. If you file your case after the applicable statute of limitations has run out, the court will throw out your case, and you lose the right to seek damages, no matter how bad your losses or how much the other party was at fault. Your attorney will not let these filing deadlines pass without taking the necessary actions, usually well before the statute of limitations expires.

Procedural rules

Countless procedural and evidentiary rules apply to injury lawsuits.

Personal injury law is complicated. Trying to navigate requirements or prove the elements for a successful claim are not things to learn on the fly. The issues that arise in a Michigan personal injury case cannot be adequately answered through a Google search. A good Michigan personal injury lawyer will be intimately familiar with the procedure and give you the best chance of a successful outcome.


Your Attorney Will Not Let Insurers Take Advantage of You

In most injury cases, the defendant is represented by a lawyer hired by their insurance company under a policy covering their liability for damages they cause. For example, a car insurance company will defend their driver in an accident case, a homeowners’ policy may cover a slip and fall, and a malpractice carrier will defend a doctor in a case involving a medical error. Insurance companies also pay any damages to the injured party in a settlement or judgment.

Make no mistake: insurance companies are in the business of making money and not in the business of being your “good neighbor” or “on your side.”

Every dime an insurer pays out on a claim is a dime taken away from their profits. They want to resolve claims as quickly and cheaply as possible and will take advantage of unrepresented claimants to do so.

Insurers know that in the face of mounting bills and lost wages, injury victims need money quickly. They are also acutely aware that injury victims may not fully understand their rights. They will leverage these vulnerabilities to significantly shortchange claimants and get them to agree to a lowball settlement offer that may be substantially less than they deserve.

But when an insurance company must deal with an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who will not be intimidated and is ready to take a matter all the way through trial, their ploys become far less useful, if not useless.

Tough but effective

Good personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies effectively – it is what they do all the time. Your lawyer will know how insurers work and be immune to the tactics they use to avoid their responsibilities.

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Your Attorney Can Level the Playing Field

Within minutes after an accident, the negligent party’s insurance company will have its own lawyers investigating your claim, gathering evidence, identifying and contacting witnesses, and doing all they can to protect their insured from blame. Not only will your personal injury lawyer ensure that an insurance company does not bully you during settlement discussions, but they will also have the experience and knowledge to make the strongest and most powerful case.

By promptly hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, you can deprive the other side of a valuable head start and increase your chances of a positive outcome.

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You Are Likely to Get More Money

Individuals who hire personal injury attorneys to handle their claims and negotiate with insurance companies typically obtain significantly more compensation than injury victims who negotiate without lawyers. For example:

Car accident settlements

40 percent

Car accident settlements for injury victims with an attorney were 40 percent higher than the settlements negotiated by the victims themselves, according to the Insurance Research Council (IRC).


85 percent

People represented by an attorney are more likely to receive compensation. In a separate report, the IRC found that 85 percent of all settlement proceeds paid out by auto insurance companies are paid to people represented by an attorney.


You Will Get Peace of Mind

For many accident victims, the stresses and anxieties that are a natural part of the recovery process are overwhelming. Dealing with calls and letters from multiple insurance companies, negotiating with insurance adjusters, filing a complaint, responding to document requests, and attending pre-trial conferences are overwhelming for someone who should be focusing on their recovery. By working with a knowledgeable Michigan personal injury lawyer, accident victims can obtain invaluable peace of mind knowing that someone is aggressively advocating on their behalf while they focus on recovering and spending time with family.

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