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Drunk Driving Accidents

When alcohol is to blame in a car accident, prosecutors and the criminal court system may punish the driver, but criminal cases don’t provide any kind of compensation for the victim’s injuries. To ensure you receive all of the benefits and damages to which you are entitled, you need a drunk driving lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Drunk Driving Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, victims in drunk driving accidents may pursue their rights under a law called the Dram Shop Act, which allows the injured person to file a lawsuit against the intoxicated driver at fault, as well as the vendor that sold, served, or provided alcohol to the driver.

In these cases, the injured victim has to prove that the vendor (a bar, restaurant, liquor store, grocery, etc.) sold the drunk driver the alcohol when he was “visibly intoxicated.” Assembling all of the facts can be a challenge for a number of reasons – the evidence may be spread among law enforcement officers and prosecutor’s files, bars may quickly destroy inventory records and security videotapes to avoid liability, and the memories of witnesses who may have seen a heavily intoxicated bar patron can fade over time.

Prevailing in Drunk Driving Cases

It takes special attorneys with special skills and talents to overcome these challenges, attorneys who know how to gather the right evidence to establish a link between the vendor and the victim’s injuries. It takes seasoned litigators who can explain to a jury the signs of intoxication and what someone would exhibit with each consecutive drink. It also requires a strong legal team, including expert toxicologists and investigators who can use credit card receipts, bar tabs, timelines, and the driver’s blood alcohol level to extrapolate the drunk driver’s alcohol level at the time the alcohol was served.

Sommers Schwartz’s attorneys, paraprofessionals, investigators, and experts have years of experience in these kinds of cases, and a history of success in securing recoveries for our clients.

If you’ve been injured at the hands of a drunk driver, you know how much is at stake. Don’t take chances – contact Sommers Schwartz today.

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