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When negligence or recklessness causes or contributes to a boating accident, victims are legally entitled to compensation.

Like automobiles and trucks, the high speeds that boats and
watercraft can achieve can cause them to be instruments of death or serious
injury. A watercraft operator, like a driver on the road, is required to exercise
reasonable care and caution, abide by the rules of the waterways, and take
reasonable precautions to avoid a boat accident.

How Do Boating Accidents Happen?

According to the Safety Division of the U.S. Coast Guard, more than 4,500 accidents occurred annually in recent years, resulting in more than 3,000 injuries and more than 700 deaths – a fatality rate in excess of six deaths per 100,000 registered recreational watercraft. While boating accidents most commonly result in drowning (70% of all such incidents), there are various contributing factors, such as:

  • Inattentive operators
  • Boats without a designated spotter or lookout on board
  • Inexperienced and improperly trained operators
  • Operators driving boats too fast for current condition
  • Defective or dangerous machinery and equipment

The injuries and damages that can arise from a boating accident can be catastrophic, resulting in physical, psychological, and economic hardship such as pain and suffering, costly injury-related medical expenses and health equipment, rehabilitation, and lost wages.

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Bordered by the Great Lakes of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, Michigan residents know how to have fun out on the water. Our state also has over additional 60,000 natural and man-made lakes – 26,000 of which are larger than an acre – which provide ample room for residents to enjoy their boats and personal watercraft. While it can be fun, it can also be dangerous.

If you were involved in a boat accident – whether it involved an open boat, a personal watercraft, or a form of cabin motorboat – you need experienced Detroit boating accident attorneys to vigorously fight for you, your family, and your legal rights. You need advocates whom you can trust, who will be responsive, and who have only your best interests in mind. You need Sommers Schwartz.

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Our attorney was tough, very professional, and knew his stuff!

Our case was very difficult and challenging and therefore was very time-consuming. Each step of the way, Matt explained what was going on and what I could expect, and he always kept in contact through emails or phone calls. Matt is sincere, kind, and compassionate – he has become more than just our attorney. He is more like family!

You are outstanding!!!

I was so impressed with your knowledge of the law and the way you were able to step back and look at all the options while explaining it to me in layman terms. I would recommend you to anyone who is or has been a victim of workplace harassment, discrimination or any other employment issue.

Jason was an aggressive and thorough attorney.

He spent the time listening to me as a client and he would explain what steps were next as we went through the process. Jason made me feel very confident in my case and in him as an attorney.

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Thank you for trying to win. Thank you for putting in as much time as you did. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for looking out for me, and having my back. You made a big impression on me.

Mr. Watkins showed he was a great lawyer.

Mr. Watkins showed he was a great lawyer by the way he handled the case. He always kept me informed and the entire team was professional. I would highly recommend him and the firm.

My sincere thanks for a great job!

My sincere thanks for a great job! I know a lot of attorneys wouldn’t have touched this case or handled it in such a professional manor. Once again, thank you!

Your Honor, may we please be provided a calculator?

Your Honor, may we please be provided a calculator? – Note to a judge from the jury in a railroad injury case handled

There are no words for my gratitude.

I want to thank you again for what you have done for my family. There are no words for my gratitude. I will forever be grateful.

They are an awesome team and I would recommend them and their firm to anyone.

I contacted Sommers Schwartz to join a class action suit. Kevin Stoops and his assistant Veronica Stewart took my case and walked me through all the documents that I had to sign, explained everything to me, and won my case!

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