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Michigan Spinal Damage From Sporting Injury Attorney

Sports are a great way to relieve stress, stay fit, and socialize, but athletic competition presents a significant risk of injury, especially when those overseeing the games or matches do not take the appropriate precautions. In youth sports, for example, a school, coach, or event or league organizer is responsible for implementing and enforcing rules that encourage safe participation. For adults, gyms, health clubs, and recreational or professional league managers assume this duty. 

There are many types of sports injuries, but damage to the head, neck, and spine is among the most concerning. Both the brain and the spinal cord transmit nerve impulses throughout the body, impulses that enable us to move. Trauma to the spine can affect our body functions and compromise our mobility. 

Doctors classify athletic injuries by the affected area: 

  • Lower back injury – The lower back supports the body’s weight. Sports that involve repetitive impact, twisting motions, and weight loading are the most likely to injure this area. 
  • Neck injury – Contact sports, such as football and hockey, can place the neck and cervical spine at risk of injury. 
  • Upper back injury – Although the thoracic spine is relatively immobile and supported, fractured ribs and intercostal muscle strains may occur in sports that involve torso rotation. 

Re-injury of a sports-related back injury is common and happens when an athlete returns to play before allowing the body to heal completely. To avoid re-injury, sports medicine experts recommend: 

  • An athlete should wait until he or she is entirely free of pain and has regained complete range of motion; 
  • Diagnostic tests, such as an MRI, should not indicate any active nerve damage or severe nerve compression; 
  • The athlete should be reconditioned to ensure he or she is in shape; and 
  • The athlete should work to improve his or her technique or modify equipment to reduce the chance of future injury. 

While there is no way to guarantee an athlete will not suffer a life-changing spine injury, coaches, doctors, and league organizers should all work toward ensuring safety. 

Have you suffered an incapacitating spine injury while playing sports? 

If you suffered a debilitating spinal injury while playing sports, you might be entitled to damages if a negligent person or organization caused your injury. At the Michigan personal injury law firm of Sommers Schwartz, P.C., we help clients obtain the compensation they deserve. Call us today at (800) 783-0989 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you pursue your claim.

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